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Cornerstone Inspection prides itself on innovation and solving industry problems. Our R&D has brought these innovations from concept to practical application. We are also recognized as industry leaders in the detection and evaluation of High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA).

In most applications, PAUT is far more favorable than traditional RT on all metrics: 

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PAUT Imaging

Phased Array, unlike RT, has the capabilities to evaluate on 4 axes. This extra data allows for the contractor to identify process errors. Precision locating aids in defect removal by eliminating unnecessary collateral damage in excavation.

Benefits of PAUT


PAUT utilizes less manpower and eliminates the need to shut down construction operations to perform an inspection.


We eliminate radiation from the work site and remove the security risk of having a radioactive isotope at the facility.


Pipe size and thickness have relatively little effect on production rates in comparison to radiography allowing for an exponential increase in inspection production, also driving down cost. In regards to field welds, utilizing RT in “shoot windows” drastically increases the crews needed to accomplish the same scope a small team of PAUT techs. We also increase construction production by eliminating the construction downtime in waiting for an RT shoot window to continue construction operations.


RT has more difficulty picking up the “critical class” defects than any other indication as planar defects produce a minimal void which is necessary to constitute a density change on the RT film. These same indications send back the most acoustical energy of all classifications rendering PAUT far superior to detecting cracks and incomplete fusion.

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