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Industrial Services


Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing →

Our advanced ultrasonic methods offer our clients a code compliant alternative to radiography as a solution to the cost and headwinds associated with the use of radiation at their facility or construction site.

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection →

Our team of professional technicians inspects for quality, workmanship, and conformance to specifications in storage tanks, piping, pressure valves, and other equipment. Cornerstone is certified in API-510, API-570, API-653, API-1169, AWS-CWI, and AWS-CPWI.

Thermal Division

Heat Treatment →

Cornerstone is your one source for Heat Treatment, including Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), Hydrogen Out-Casting, Refractory Drying and more. Our expert team has knowledge to diagnose the problem and the expertise to provide the solution.

Robotic Inspection

Robotic Inspection →

Robotic inspection assesses the structural integrity of petroleum, natural gas, and water installations. Crawler-based robotic tools are commonly used for in-line inspections can also be used for mandatory inspections in inhospitable areas to minimize danger to human inspectors.

Rope Access

Rope Access →

Our rope access service allows our highly trained and certified technicians to gain access to difficult to reach areas, performing careful examinations, and solving your problems in the most cost-effective way possible.

Vendor Surveillance

Vendor Surveillance →

Our inspection service includes surveillance of vendors for large scale projects to ensure process integrity from start to finish. Cornerstone ensures your protocols are followed and best practices are used throughout the project.

New Construction QA/QC

New Construction QA/QC →

Our quality management services ensure that quality, scheduling and budget requirements are met at all stages of your project. During construction, our inspectors audit the work for compliance, and we will keep you up-to-date on the progress of the plan.

Positive Material Identification

Positive Material Identification →

Cornerstone uses advanced hardness testers, allowing us to inspect almost any manufactured metal part, polished object or heat-treated surface. This technology has become the standard for hardness testing in the aerospace, manufacturing, and energy industries.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar →

Ground penetrating radar is a non-destructive testing technique for non-metallic structures, and it has been widely applied in engineering and environment surveys. Cornerstone uses GPR to image and assess reinforced concrete structures.

On-Stream Services

On-Stream Inspection →

On-stream inspection is performed on equipment while it is in service to establish its suitability for continued operation. Cornerstone has certified personnel that provides services that can assist with all code compliance inspections.

Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing →

Our radiographic testing is a non-destructive examination method that involves the use of x-rays or gamma rays to view the internal structure of a component. We offer machinery inspection, detecting flaws in pressure vessels and valves for the chemical and energy industries.

Turnaround Services

Turnaround Inspection →

High quality inspections are an integral part of all turnarounds, and prevent damage to equipment that may continue to go unnoticed and eventually fail unexpectedly during regular operations. This not only could be detrimental due to the lost production during a potential shutdown, but it could cause a significant safety incident at the facility.