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Established in 2015, Cornerstone Inspection is a full-service advanced nondestructive evaluation (NDE) inspection company. We were specifically created to bring the industry a code compliant alternative to radiography and offer clients a solution to the cost and headwinds associated with the use of radiation at their facility or construction site.

By eliminating this safety hazard and the cost incurred by construction stoppages, or “shoot windows” to perform an x-ray, we help the contractor to finish on time and under budget while delivering to the client a far more superior inspection in detection and sizing accuracy.

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Our Technology
Why Cornerstone?

As the demand for phased array ultrasonics in lieu of traditional X-ray increases, so does the need for qualified technicians. With a technology this advanced it is paramount to provide clients the confidence that they are receiving competent technicians and a compliant inspection of their equipment and materials. Cornerstone Inspection utilizes only industry certified technicians that have achieved the level of proficiency outlined by the American Petroleum Institute’s ICP program for ultrasonics and advanced ultrasonics. We believe offering our clients API certified QUTE (UT) and QUPA (PAUT) technicians, this sets us apart from inspection companies offering a “company grade” TC-1A certification. 

What We Believe
Our Goal

“With our cornerstone founded on Christian values, we strive to exceed our customers expectations while maintaining the highest industry standards, providing safe working environments, and respecting the dignity of every employee. We believe this allows our Team to better serve our industry as a company and as individuals.”


About Our Logo

“I was first introduced to Cornerstone through a logo contest that I entered at school. When I signed up, we were briefed on the company and what they were looking for in a logo. I immediately connected with the foundation that Cornerstone was built on so I wanted to incorporate their ideals into the logo. The definition of a cornerstone is an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based upon. Knowing this, I knew that I needed to use a cross in order to make the “C” really stand out. I did this to portray the fact that without the cross being the cornerstone of the design there would be nothing else of importance to look at. I also wanted to make sure that the cross being sideways had a meaning of importance as well. The sideways cross represents Jesus laying down his cross for our salvation. These are the main two principles that I kept in mind while creating this logo, and I am glad Paul and Terry loved it as much as I did. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, Cornerstone will do their best to take care of you.”

-Noah Haydel

Cornerstone Inspection & Thermal
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Community Outreach

We collectively and consciously labor for a purpose greater than ourselves. It is with a great awareness that our company is a vessel by which our Father will bring hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless through the tithing of our business earnings to the mission field of our local church.

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    Technicians perform NDT